SWEISSY UNION Engaging communities and creating a better future
Who We Are

Sweissy Union is a none profitable organization that provides support to Sierra Leoneans by awarding grants provide equipments, advice and information, support courses in raising awareness on child labor and we support projects to improve patients care.

Sweissy is dedicated to improve the lives of pregnant women; young mothers and children's in our communities of Sierra Leone and to advice and engage the community in the U.K. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches these people and they are the ones who made up the big society and the ones who need more at these pressing times. Our mission is to bring relief to all, especially, focusing on childrens, pregnant women; young mothers and young people towards a new vision and enabling them with the skills and resources for a brighter future.

And our biggest tool, in trying to achieve these goals, the ability to inspire people across the whole country especially those who don't normally engage - to engage. As the world has changed and become more complex over the last two decades, so Sweissy union has had to adapt and change too but the fundamentals remain the same - a just world free from poverty. In trying to achieve that vision we make this promise to the people who make those efforts possible our supporters:

Sweissy union is obviously a charity. Charity Number: 1125890

The money we raise is allocated to a wide range projects aimed at delivering real and long-lasting change to the poorest, most vulnerable people at Sierra Leone and in the United Kingdom; as well as informing the public in particular about good world citizenship and the underlying causes of extreme poverty.

That money comes in from a number of different sources. The public contribute to Sweissy Union annual campaigns by raising money through attending their organized social events and by making donations online, through our bank. This support to Sweissy union has been both humbling and inspirational.

We value everyone, whether in big Town's, small Town's or villages. We agreed that the communities would benefit from being a part of Sweissy Union big family. Our focus on the communities help us to have a wider reaching impact in the lives of childrens, young people and womens made vulnerable through war, poverty, disease and circumstance beyond their control.

Our Aim

Over the past years, we are proud to say, we have reached many community members, through our work, to create a big and better society. We developed ways to engage all community members, such as passing information, consultation, acting together, deciding together and supporting other groups. By 2020 we have committed ourselves to create a society and a community in which:

(a) it will no longer acceptable for children to die before their 5yrs birthday from preventable causes.

(b) It no longer acceptable for pregnant womens to give birth under poor conditions, as it is today.

(c) That every child should go to school, as a matter of must, even if he or she is an orphan.